# Data We Collect

This page outlines the data we collect to ensure our policy of transparency for users and developers. Data will never be used to personally identify users.

# Frameplay Platform

During the sign up process on our platform we request details about your game configuration. This allows us to serve advertisements that match your audience.

  • ESRB Rating (Entertainment Software Rating Board)
  • White Listed Advertisement References

# Game Data

“We collect information about your game to tailor advertisements to your users.”

In order to tailor relevant advertisements to your players, Frameplay collects non-personal data about your game and users to ensure the best experience.

Device Data:

  • IP Address: The public IP address of the users device.
  • Language: The system language.
  • Device ID and Model: The ID and Model of the users device.
  • Advertiser ID: iOS, Android or Windows Store Advertiser ID.

Player Data:

Player data can be optionally sourced from a client API or a custom UI login. This data is used to serve more relevant content to the player. This improves experience, immersion and generates you more revenue.

  • Age: The players age.
  • Sex: The players sex.
  • Language: The players language.
  • GamerTag: The players Gamer Tag.

# When We Don’t Collect Data

Frameplay includes the ability to opt-out of collecting data and recommends allowing your players the ability to opt-out. Note: Choosing not to send data may impact revenue as the quality of the data tracked is reduced for advertisers.

No data is collected when:

  • COPPA compliancy is true on the game Dashboard, or the player’s age is supplied and is less than 13.
  • Allow Data Collection is Disabled in the SDK with the Start Session API call.
  • Ad Tracking is limited by the user's device.
Last Updated: 7/29/2020, 7:15:30 AM