# Data We Collect

This page outlines the data Frameplay collects what it is used for.

# Game Data

We collect information about your game so that we can tailor advertisements to your users.

# Frameplay Platform

During the sign up process on our platform we request details about your game configuration.

COPPA: If your game is COPPA compliant (or the player is 13 years of age or under) no player information is captured.

ESRB Rating: Advertisements shown in your game will adhere to your selected ESRB (Entertainment Software Rating Board) rating.

White Listed Advertisement References: Advertisements shown in your game will adhere your white-listed advertisement references.

# Player

Frameplay captures the players Location, Language and optionally Age, Sex and GamerId.

This data is used to serve more relevant ad content to the player, generating more revenue and improving the player's experience. This data will not be used to personally identify players. We recommended allowing players to opt-out of data collection.

Last Updated: 6/9/2020, 5:49:53 AM