# Activation Colliders

Here we cover some more engine specific details about Ad Space Activation Colliders and their usage.

For information on non engine specific details, see here.

# Creating Activation Colliders

If you want a new Activation Collider without the Ad Space, this can be done from the drop down menu (GameObject > Frameplay > Activation Collider).

In the process of creating a collider we attach a rigid body component so we can detect collisions between the registered camera. See more on Unity's Colliders


# Changing Collider Shape

By default the Activation Collider is a sphere. This can however be changed.

  1. Select the Activation Collider from the Hierarchy Window, then jump to the Inspector Window.
  2. Inside the Inspector Window, Click "Add Component" and search for "collider"
  3. Select the Collider you want, we chose Box Collider
  4. Right click the old collider (Sphere Collider by default) and select "Remove Component".
  5. Make sure "Is Trigger" is checked!


You can edit the shape of the collider by modifying the x, y, z values beside the "size" property, or, by clicking the "Edit Collider" button and dragging the individual faces of the collider. Each collider may have different settings for resizing.


Last Updated: 6/3/2020, 10:04:03 AM