# Introduction

# What is Frameplay

The Frameplay plugin offers a simple and easy to install solution that can generate significant revenue while you focus on what matters most, developing the games you love.

# Ad Spaces

Drag and drop 'Ad Space' objects into your game worlds, sync with our Frameplay App and watch live metrics and revenue roll in. Ad Spaces are one-sided virtual billboards that display revenue raising advertisements at runtime and can be built into your game.

Find out more about Ad Spaces here.

# Understanding Revenue

The amount of money an advertiser will pay for a single impression is known as the CPI (cost per impression). We evaluate the quality of an impression based on a number of factors from the players perspective.

Find out more about Understanding Revenue here.

# Best Practices

Optimized for player experience by keeping frame-rate impact to an absolute minimum. No more vexatious native advertising or microtransactions. Review our Best Practices guide, complete with showcases, to better understand your monetization strategy before diving in.

# Start your engines!

It only takes 20 minutes to get started. Our installation process and in-Editor workflow is fast and easy to follow. Jump straight into an installation guide and setup the Frameplay SDK by clicking on your preferred engine below.


Last Updated: 8/31/2020, 2:21:41 AM