# Data We Collect

This page outlines the data we collect to ensure our policy of transparency for players and developers. Data will never be used to personally identify players.

# Frameplay Platform

During the sign up process on our platform we request details about your game configuration. This allows us to serve advertisements that match your audience.

  • ESRB Rating (Entertainment Software Rating Board)
  • White Listed Advertisement References

# Game Data

“We collect information about your game to tailor advertisements to your players.”

Frameplay collects non-personal data about your game and players to tailor advertisements and provide the best experience.

Device Data:

  • Public IP Address
  • System Language
  • Device ID
  • Device Model
  • Advertiser ID (iOS, Android or Windows Store Advertising Identifier)

Player Data:

Player data can be optionally sourced from a client API or a custom UI login. This data is used to serve more relevant content to the player. This improves experience, immersion and generates you more revenue.

  • Age
  • Sex
  • Language
  • GamerTag

# When We Don’t Collect Data

Frameplay includes the ability to opt-out of collecting data and recommends allowing your players the ability to opt-out. Note: Choosing not to send data may impact revenue as the quality of the data tracked is reduced for advertisers.

No data is collected if any of the statements below are true.

  • Collect Data is set to NO on the Frameplay Dashboard
  • Is your game COPPA compliant? is set to YES on the Frameplay Dashboard
  • The player's age is supplied in the SDK Start Session API call AND is less than 13
  • Allow Data Collection is set to FALSE in the SDK Start Session API call
  • Ad Tracking is limited by the player's device
Last Updated: 8/28/2020, 7:27:41 AM