# Understanding Revenue

This page details how revenue is generated from your game and Ad Spaces. This will enable you to boost revenue significantly while maintaining your creative vision and ensuring the player's experience is as seamless as possible.

# Understanding How Ads Generate Revenue

For each advertisement displayed on an Ad Space, Frameplay captures player view metrics for a maximum of 60 seconds. This data is aggregated into a single impression.

The amount of money an advertiser will pay for a single impression is known as the CPI (cost per impression).

We evaluate the quality of an impression based on a number of factors from the players perspective.

Time on Screen: The period of time an Ad Space is on screen.

Screen Percentage: What percentage of the screen is taken up by an Ad Space.

Ad Space Percentage: What percentage of the Ad Space is on screen.

Orientation: The Ad Space's orientation in relation to the player camera.

Ratio Skew: How skewed the Ad Space appears on screen in relation to the original image and the angle of the players view.

Obstructions: How much of the Ad Space is obscured by in-game objects, lighting, UI and other effects.

We understand that lighting, angle of view and obstructions play a part in the real world too and we account for this in our impression calculations. See our Best Practices Guide for more information how to achieve the highest CPI.

# Session Data

We encourage developers to capture player age and sex. This allows us to target and serve more relevant advertisements to the player. The more specific targeting we can provide advertisers, the higher the CPI for the Ad Space will become.

For more information on how we collect and use player data.

Last Updated: 8/31/2020, 2:21:41 AM