# Synchronized Ad Spaces

# What are Synchronized Ad Spaces?

Synchronized Ad Spaces display the same advertisement and inherit their properties from the parent Ad Space.

One parent Ad Space can have many Synchronized Ad Space children.

This is great for creating sports environments where advertisements are 'tiled' or repeated along a bridge or a stadium perimeter.


Use Synchronized Ad Spaces to optimize the amount of advertisements downloaded at runtime. Only one advertisement is downloaded per parent Ad Space.

# Synchronized Ad Space Configurations

Synchronized Ad Space behavior is inherited from the parent, with an additional set of configurable properties.

# Parent Ad Space

This is the link to the parent Ad Space. When the parent Ad Space loads an advertisement, it's list of Synchronized Ad Spaces will display the same ad.

# Place Holder Material

Ad Spaces will not always have an advertisement loaded. When an advertisement is not loaded, a fully customizable Placeholder Material is displayed instead.

Each Synchronized Ad Space can display its own custom Placeholder Material.

Ad Spaces can also be set to remain invisible when an advertisement is not loaded by using Place Holder Visible During Play.

See our Best Practices Guide on how to preserve your game environment style by utilizing Placeholders.

Last Updated: 8/31/2020, 2:21:41 AM