# Activation Colliders

An Activation Collider is a defined volume or area, typically surrounding an Ad Space. When this volume comes in contact with a registered camera, an advertisement will be requested from the server.

This collider can be changed to any primitive or custom shape. It can also be scaled and re-positioned anywhere in your game environment.


This is a useful optimization for Ad Spaces that can only be seen from certain locations and can be used to avoid ads "popping" into your environment.

Keep in mind the end user's internet speed. Use the Global and Ad Space texture quality settings to minimize loading times.

# Example: Dynamic Ads

The orange lines in these examples represent the Ad Spaces Activation Collider. You can see the collider is approximately the size of the room.

The volume extends outside the entrance of the room. This gives the Ad Space time to download and display the advertisement as the player enters the room.

At the end of the ads 60 second display duration, a new ad will be requested and displayed if the registered camera is still within the Activation Collider.


# Example: Static Ads

Static ads hold onto the same advertisement for the duration of their lifetime. This means that they only need to be activated once.

The Activation Collider in this example doesn't need to fill the room.


# Example: Multiple Ad Spaces

Ad Spaces can reference the same Activation Collider. This means that both Ad Spaces will activate and load ads when the registered camera comes into contact with the collider.


# Example: No Colliders

There are times where you may not want Activation Colliders at all. For example, in this environment, the Ad Spaces are visible nearly all of the time. Ad Spaces without a collider will activate on spawn.


Read more about Activation Collider implementation in your preferred game engine: Unity, Unreal, or Lumberyard.

Last Updated: 9/22/2020, 5:04:26 AM