# Frameplay Data Asset

The Frameplay Data Asset is a configuration hub used to maintain the link between your project and the Frameplay Developer Dashboard.

# Game ID

Your Game ID is generated when creating a game on the Frameplay Platform. It is how the SDK verifies your game at runtime and selects which advertisements to load.

# API Key

This is generated when creating a Developer Account on the Frameplay Dashboard. The API Key is the same across all games and is used when registering Ad Spaces in the Editor.

Your API Key is private and is Editor Only, it won't be deployed in builds of your game.


All advertisement images will be under 2MB when downloaded at runtime, with actual texture memory usage (VRAM) being higher.

By default, the global texture quality is defined by your targeted platform. Mobile platforms are set to Low, PC is set to High, and all other platforms (including the editor) are set to Medium.

This global configuration - combined with the Ad Space quality setting - controls the downloaded advertisement file sizes and maximum resolution.

# Test Mode

Simulates Ad Space functionality by connecting to Frameplay's test servers and loading mock advertisements. Revenue is not generated in test mode and metrics are not displayed on the Frameplay Dashboard.

Uncheck this box when building a Release or Production build of your project for public use. This connects to our live servers, gathering metrics and monetization if approved.

We recommend remaining in test mode during development to avoid being flagged for fraud.

Read more about Data Asset implementation in your preferred game engine: Unity or Unreal.

Last Updated: 4/7/2021, 11:30:12 PM