# Activation Colliders

Here we cover Ad Space Activation Colliders in Unity.

For more information on Activation Colliders and best practices see our Developer Guidelines.

# Creating Activation Colliders

Create a new Ad Space Activation Collider with the drop down menu (GameObject > Frameplay > Activation Collider).

Ad Space Activation Colliders are Trigger Colliders that require a Rigid Body component. This is so that collisions with the registered camera can be detected.

See the Unity manual for more information on Colliders.


# Changing Collider Shape

The default Activation Collider shape is a sphere, but this can be customized with the following steps.

  1. Select the Activation Collider from the Hierarchy Window.
  2. Inside the Inspector Window, click "Add Component" and search for "collider"
  3. Select your preferred Collider shape
  4. Set the Is Trigger property to True
  5. Remove the old Collider by selecting "Remove Component" in the right click context menu.


You can also edit the shape of the collider by modifying the x, y, z values beside the "size" property, or, by clicking the "Edit Collider" button and dragging the individual faces of the collider.


Last Updated: 8/31/2020, 2:21:41 AM