# Activation Colliders

When an Ad Space Game Object is loaded in a Scene, it is automatically activated and will attempt to load an Advertisement.

Activation can alternatively be controlled using Colliders. Follow this guide to configure an Ad Space to activate when a collision is detected between a Activation Collider and the registered in game camera. This method of Ad Space activation can be used to optimize the frequency of Ad Requests in your game environment.

# Create an Activation Collider

# Activation Collider Configuration

  1. Select our example script under the GameObject menu GameObject > Frameplay > Examples > Activation Collider. This will create a 3D Trigger Collider containing a RigidBody component
  2. Set the Ad Space reference to the Ad Space in your Scene


# Camera Collider Configuration

  1. Select the Camera object in your Scene
  2. Add a 3D Collider component and enable IsTrigger
  3. Add a RigidBody component and Enable Is Kinematic

Ensure both the Activation Collider and the Camera Collider are on the same Layer.

Last Updated: 9/19/2023, 5:46:19 PM