# Frequently Asked Questions

# Why are my Ads not loading?

  1. Check your internet connectivity
  2. Check the Unity Console Window for any errors (Ctrl+Shift+C on Windows, or Shift+Command+C for Mac to bring up the Console Window.)

When an incorrect Game ID is copied into the Frameplay Data Asset, the following message is displayed:


# When running in Editor:

  1. Check that you Game ID and API Key inside the Data Asset match the Frameplay Dashboard
  2. Confirm your Ad Space is displaying on the Ad Spaces page on the Frameplay platform
  3. Check that the Ad Space is registered (white debug text in editor, not red).
  4. Confirm the the Ad Space isn't Paused
  5. If an Activation Collider is in use, confirm that the registered camera is within the collider bounds.
  6. Confirm the Frameplay Session has been started and a Camera has been Registered.
  7. Confirm there is a main texture slot on the Ad Spaces Ad Material (e.g. "_MainTex")

# When running a Release Build:

  1. Confirm you have completed both the developer account approval process and game approval process on the Frameplay Dashboard

# Does the SDK support Unity's Universal Render Pipeline?

The Frameplay SDK is supported when using Unity's prebuilt Scriptable Render pipeline, however you must configure the following:

  • Setup your own own placeholder material when ads are not loaded (FrameplaySDK / Materials / AdSpacePlaceholderMaterial.mat)

  • Set the Ad material shader to Universal Render Pipeline/Lit (FrameplaySDK / Materials / AdSpaceMaterial.mat)

# How do I Report a Bug?

If you have an unsolved issue, use the report bug feature in the Data Asset or email support@frameplay.gg

Last Updated: 6/5/2020, 1:25:22 AM