# Frequently Asked Questions

# Why are my Ads not loading?

If ads are not loading in your game, use this troubleshooting checklist to identify and eliminate any known problems:

# Internet Connection

  • Check your internet connectivity to make sure you're device is online

# Unity Console

  • Check the Unity Console Window for any errors or warnings. (Ctrl+Shift+C on Windows, or Shift+Command+C for Mac to bring up the Console Window)
  • SDK logging verbosity can be configured in Frameplay > Developer Settings and increase the Log Verbosity


# Game Approval

# Start a Session

  • Confirm the SDK has been initialized and that a camera has been registered by calling Frameplay.Session.Start when the game is launched. This can be achieved by attaching the example script FrameplayStartSession.cs to an object in your Scene
  • Confirm the Game ID ìn the Developer Settings matches the Frameplay Dashboard (opens new window)

# Ad Space Configuration

Confirm the Ad Space(s) are configured correctly and are activating at runtime:

  • Toggle Is Active On Enable to enable Ad Spaces onEnable
  • If you are using Activation Colliders, confirm the Ad Space Collider and Camera Collider are configured correctly using our guide
  • If you are using a custom Shader for displaying advertisements, confirm that there is a main texture slot on the Ad Material property (e.g. "_MainTex")

# Android Deployment

If you are building for Android, confirm dependencies have been resolved in the External Dependency Manager (EDM):

# OSX Platform Configuration

If you are using MacOS, confirm the SDK libraries are able to run by selecting "Allow Anyway" in the Security & Privacy settings for the file libFrameplayNative.dylib.


# Does the SDK support Unity's Render Pipelines (opens new window)?

Yes, Frameplay supports all render pipelines.

Depending on the Render Pipeline, replace the Shaders configured in the Ad Space Materials provided here: Assets/FrameplaySDK/Engine/Materials/


# Built-in Render Pipeline (opens new window)

  • Use the Frameplay SDK default shader or a customized shader

# Universal Render Pipeline (opens new window)

# High Definition Render Pipeline (opens new window)

# Custom Scriptable Render Pipeline (opens new window)

  • Use a customized shader

# Customizing Ad Space Shaders

When customizing Ad Space Material shaders, confirm that a Main Texture name is present:

  • Built-in Render Pipeline: _MainTex
  • High Definition Render Pipeline: _BaseColorMap
  • Universal Render Pipeline: _BaseMap

# Why are my ads blurry?

The Unity Engine can have issues when filtering textures on certain mobile devices.

  1. This can be solved by using Anisotropic Textures (opens new window). Configure this setting to Per Texture or Forced On

  2. Additionally confirm that you are using Frameplay's HighQualityAd shader which utilizes "tex2Dbias" to increase texture quality in game.

If you are using a customized shader on the Ad Space, you can retain higher quality textures by implementing our sample in shader code or in a shader graph.

Include the following code in the fragment or surface shader:

half4 mainTexColor = tex2Dbias(_MainTex, float4(mainTexUV, 0, _FRAMEPLAY_AD_TEXTURE_BIAS));

And declare the bias parameter:


# My issue still isn't solved

If you would like help with an unresolved issue please contact the Frameplay Integration Team directly or email support@frameplay.gg

Last Updated: 9/21/2023, 2:41:11 PM