# Frameplay Session

A session establishes a connection to the Frameplay servers which is required for sending metrics and loading advertisements.

A valid session is required at runtime for Ad Spaces to request and load advertisements.

A session does not need to be stopped, this is handled automatically on application quit.

# Starting a Session

Begin by calling Frameplay.StartSession().

# Parameters

# Frameplay Data Asset (Required)

This is a reference to the Frameplay Data Asset. This can be referenced by a Blueprint or loaded using C++.

# Player Data (Optional)

The player Age, Sex, Gamer ID or Tag and Language can be sourced from a client API or a custom login. This data allows for targeted advertisements.

# Registered Cameras

The Frameplay Session requires knowledge of a Camera to use for gathering metrics and triggering advertisements colliders.

Only one camera component (or a camera manager) can be registered at a time.

Camera Components can be registered and unregistered when required.

APlayerCameraManager* UExample::playerCameraManager;



See the Unreal Engine manual for more information on Cameras.

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