# Ad Spaces

# Configuration

# Content Refresh Type: Static or Dynamic

A Dynamic Ad Space will load a new advertisement every 60 seconds.

A Static Ad Space will load a single advertisement that will continue to display until the object is un-spawned.

# Actor Instance Type: Single or Multi

A Single instance Ad Space has a specific location inside a game. Designed to be hand placed in a World.

A Multi instance Ad Space is used in an environment that has replicated components. Designed to be procedurally created at run-time.

# Display

# Placeholder and Ad Materials

Ad Spaces will not always have an advertisement loaded. When an advertisement is not loaded, the Placeholder Material is displayed.

You may swap out the Placeholder Material on an Ad Space so it matches your game or platform requirements.

You may also swap out the Ad Material. The advertisement texture will be inserted into the texture of the material.

Avoid modifying the advertisement colors as much as possible as this will affect the quality of captured impressions.

See the Unreal Engine manual for more information on Materials, Shaders and Textures

# Activation

# Activation Triggers

If an Ad Space is using an Activation Trigger, advertisements will only load when a registered camera overlaps the collider.

Activation Triggers are used when you want advertisements on a particular Ad Space to load when the player is in a specific location. For example a banner on a race track will only load when drivers are near by.

Multiple Ad Spaces can share an Activation Trigger if you wish to trigger multiple advertisements at the same time.

Activation triggers are optional, and if you remove an Ad Spaces reference to it's activation trigger, the Ad Space will trigger on spawn.

See the Unreal Engine manual for more information on Colliders.

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